Agaricus Production

William Goss

I will share tips and tricks I have gathered in my two years as a grower in the continent's largest producer of organic mushrooms, from making compost, to pasteurization, spawning, the casing layer, flushing, and fruiting. We will also discuss growing techniques for Agaricus in a small-scale, back yard approach.

About the Teacher
William 'Evergreen' Goss is finishing his second year as a grower for Monterey Mushrooms Inc. at one of the largest organic farms in the industry. He is improving production and sustainability through experimental design, data analysis, and his passion for mycology, which started as a youth in the Pacific Northwest. William graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Plant Genetics and a minor in Fungal Biology and Ecology. He worked for a year in a plant pathology lab, researched nematodes and mycorrhizae at the Agriculture Sustainability Institute, and lived in cooperatives. William worked at two Santa Cruz mountain outdoor schools as a naturalist and gardener. He supports the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz, and is involved in pollinator advocacy through pesticide policy reform.