Art + Mycology

Kaitlin Bryson

This workshop will take a look at local environmental contamination issues facing Oregon and will engage with these topics through social, myco-sculptures. After an introduction on mycology and art, as well as a brush-up on remediation strategies, we will collectively create a fiber sculpture that will put forth creative energy and mycelium to foster potentials of community-driven remediation. Each member of the workshop will work with their hands to fabricate pieces of the sculpture. After a few days of incubation we will come together to install the piece in a collaborative performance.

About the Teacher
Kaitlin Bryson is an artist, researcher, and educator working in the Southwestern United States. Her interdisciplinary art practice merges bioremediation – the use of biological materials to clean harmful toxins from the environment – with sculpture, performance, fiber arts, video and installation. Her research is centered around environmental and social justice through biological, artistic interventions.

Bryson received a Master of Fine Arts in Art & Ecology from the University of New Mexico. Her work has been shown internationally and she is currently working on remediation research projects in New Mexico and Mexico.