Do-It-Together Mushroom Cultivation

Peter McCoy

In this cultivation crash course, Peter will cover several of the most reliable and inexpensive methods of growing mushrooms practiced today. Whether you are just starting out or are ready to get a small-scale mushroom farm up and running, this intro will guide you away from contamination problems and uncertainty, and toward an abundance of whole foods and high vibes. Topics covered include mushroom biology, cultivation principles, and how to grow anywhere, on any budget. A portion of this workshop will be hands-on and participants will take home grow kits on their first step down the mycelial path.

About the Teacher
Peter McCoy is a systems-oriented mycology educator with 17 years of experience across a variety of applied mycology fields. A Portland native and founder of Radical Mycology and the Radical Mycology Convergence, Peter has worked for over 10 years to develop numerous original perspectives on how fungi can help human cultures and the environments they touch, with his most recent endeavor being MYCOLOGOS, the world's first mycology school. A globally-recognized leader in the modern mycological revolution, Peter is a dedicated teacher, mushroom farmer, herbalist, permaculture designer, community organizer, artist, and author with a ceaseless passion for evolving human-fungal relations. He is also the author of Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing and Working With Fungi (Chthaeus Press, 2016), a 650-page book on mycology that has been hailed as one of the best books on medicinal mushrooms, mycoremediation, and mushroom cultivation written to date, and a milestone for the progress of mycology as a people’s science.