About the Teacher
Giuliana Furci has been devoted mainly to mycology since 1999\. Her inescapable vocation to study Chile's fungi has taken her to travel the country looking for fungal fruit bodies in different environments and ecosystems. In 2007 she published "Fungi Austral - Field Guide to the Outstanding Fungi of Chile", in 2013 “Fungi of Chile, the Field Guide Volume 1” and in 2018 “Fungi of Chile, the Field Guide Volume 2”. Thanks to Giuliana's pivotal role, Chile is one of the few countries in the world to have included Fungi in its environmental law. In 2012 Giuliana founded The Fungi Foundation (Fundación Fungi), where she currently works and which is focused on fungal conservation policy, sustainable wild edible mushroom harvesting, education, mycological explorations and national capacity building.