Growing Tempeh at Home

Margaret Naleski

In this workshop we will begin with a brief introduction to tempeh, what it is , where it came from & finally how to make it at home! We will be introducing people to the versatility that tempeh can take, reccomending beans grains and nuts that culture best. We will also teach about the conditions in which to culture tempeh and warning signs of contamination . We hope to cover all of the tempeh making basics in this workshop and provide people with confidence to make tempeh at home. We also hope to have room to answer an questions and chat with people about their experiments.

About the Teacher
We are a small business in Eugene Oregon focused on live culture soy free tempeh made with locally sourced organic beans, nuts and grains. We are interested in teaching a workshop on how to grow tempeh at home. Through this workshop we hope to re awaken people to the knowledge  that tempeh is a mycoproduct - a yummy mass of living breathing fungus!  We also want to show people how easy it is to make, and through this hope to inspire people to eat more tempeh & support their gut, local farmers & themselves. Our names are Margaret and Sam! we have been experimenting with tempeh for about 2 year now & we would love an opportunity share this passion with others.