Holistic Context:
MyCo(llective) Myth

Nick Lake

My presentation aims to be a sort of "bread crumb" trail of interesting connections, subtly weaving an argument for the importance of crafting our own meaning of life. I do this with mycological metaphors, including the rhizomatic nature of mind (collective unconscious), the primacy of 'image' (a psychedelic inheritance), collaboration (mycorrhizae + roots), and diversity of species (biomass). 

About the Teacher
I am the founder and manager of Earth Ecology, LLC www.earthecology.org, a Vancouver/Portland based ecological landscape design, education, and installation company. I've been running this business for three+ years, and have installed a spectrum of projects from large scale restoration grants on farms to small gardens. I received my permaculture certificate from Toby Hemenway in 2012 and my REX certificate from Darren Doherty in Albany in 2016\. I am an artist/sculptor with undergraduate degrees in Art Practice, and Interdisciplinary studies from UC Berkeley (2011). I am in the process of developing a collaborative farm business entity utilizing Sociocracy/dynamic governance in San Diego (Soon to be filed Sweet Spot Farm, LLC), and am developing the model for a land stewardship non-profit with intentions stated at sourceconservation.org.  My current research and the lens I'd like to focus my ecology/fungi presentation through involves Carl Jung, image, the unconscious, alchemy, symbol, and myth.