Invisible Invaders

Andi Bruce

We hear about non-native, invasive plants and animals all the time, but what about fungi?  Do non-native decomposer fungi pose a threat to ecosystems we bring them into?  Golden oysters are native to Asia, and their recent introduction has led to a rapid spread across North American woodlands.  This talk will discuss my research into how they got here, how they spread, and the potential impacts of our intentional movement of fungi around the world.

About the Teacher
I’m a graduate researcher at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse studying the spread of non-native golden oyster mushrooms in the U.S.  With a background in environmental studies, I am passionate about partnering with fungi to develop solutions to pressures that threaten ecosystem functioning in the modern world.  I also strive to support the citizen science movement to create more collaborative opportunities that help make progress toward a sustainable future!  When I’m not in the lab, I’m often foraging wild foods, or swingin’ in a hammock alongside the majestic Mississip’.