Justice for PsiloSabina:
Building the Movement to Protect, Preserve, and Share Psilocybin Medicine

Paula Kahn

The CEO of private big data surveillance corporation Palantir, Peter Thiel, is the primary investor of Compass Pathways’ research on psilocybin assisted therapy for treatment resistant depression.  Palantir contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense, the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security, including Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE)- the same institution guilty of commiting rampant human rights violations on refugees and people with unstable migratory status. Although Compass Pathways obtained much crucial information for its research from an open source psilocybin research community, they intend to patent their own production methodology. During this talk, we will discuss the exploitative encounters in Huautla, Oxaca, Mexico between Mazatec priestess Maria Sabina and Western researchers that led to the gradual, modern globalization of psilocybin consumption. We will propose a pathway forward to the audience, in which we work together to halt the neoliberalization of mushroom medicine that has been preserved and stewarded by Mesoamerican indigenous groups despite ongoing colonization efforts for almost 506 years. Our path forward is to decriminalize, legalize, and protect psilocybin mushrooms from climate change, Big Pharma, and any institutions or corporations involved in mass atrocities and genocide.

About the Teacher
Paula launched Cosmovisiones Ancestrales as a continuation of the liberation, peace building work she committed to at age fifteen. She has designed curriculum on consent, anti-oppression, the anti-war movement, and the war on drugs. She wrote her undergraduate thesis on the relationship between the United States for-profit migrant detention centers and the territorial dispossession of indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and continues to do work in migrant justice. Paula strives to mediate with indigenous communities to preserve ancestral plant medicine so that a possibility may exist for its accessibility to populations targeted by state violence, as well as those who perform bystander behavior, or have misplaced their connection with their humanity. Paula has spoken at distinguished conferences and festivals to spread her visions for transitional justice, the collective healing of intergenerational trauma, decolonization, and the decriminalization and legalization of prohibited psychoactive substances.