Messenger’s Divinos:
A Meditation on Space, Time, and Impermanence

Iván Espinosa

Mystics and shamans spanning world cultures regard earthly bodies such as cacti and mushrooms as “divine messengers,” glistening with songs of other-worldly knowledge. In this durational Butoh performance, human bodies attempt to commune with mushroom bodies — blooming emissaries of a subterranean Mycelium civilization older than time, beaming with consciousness. In this heightened experience of the body, normative perceptions of space and time begin to dissolve, and we can perhaps, once again, re-attune our entire sensorium to the infinite rhythms of the Ecosphere.

About Iván
Iván holds a Master of Arts degree in Performance Studies from New York University’s highly acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts. Academically, Iván’s theorizations and writings on performance build on the fields of Biopoetics, Mycology, New Materialism, and Sound Studies. During his spare time he enjoys discovering and marveling at wild mushrooms in forests, parks, and landscapes of all shapes and sizes.