The Radical Mycology Convergence is coming back to its (mycorrhizal) roots in the Pacific Northwest!

Started in 2011, the RMC is a multi-day biennial gathering of fungi-lovers, artists, activists, and permaculturalists of all stripes. With mushroom hunts, art shows, outdoor fungal installations, and workshops on topics ranging from fungal ecology and mushroom cultivation, to medicine making and mitigating pollution via mycoremediation, the RMC is an event unlike any other. And this year's Convergence is sure to set a new stage for bringing together the ever-expanding community of Radical Mycologists around the globe.

At the heart of the RMC is an intention to build a mycelial network of like-minded fungi advocates through the dissemination of these rarely-encountered topics. The RMC organizers feel strongly that these skills need to be shared more broadly and we want to make information on fungi and their unique healing abilities tangible and actionable for all who attend. By creating an encouraging and welcoming space, we hope to bring about greater health and resiliency in attendees and their communities through the empowering skills of working with fungi.

We would like to invite anyone interested in participating in this event to come, learn, help out, or teach! The RMC is a family friendly, non-discriminatory, and donation-based event designed to provide the greatest degree of access to people of all backgrounds.