MycoHack 2018

A new addition to the RMC lineup this year is the world's first MycoHack: a cultivation-focused meeting of the minds seeking to evolve the design of appropriate mushroom cultivation technologies and protocols.

Inspired by the FarmHack movement formed by agriculturalists around the world, this year's MycoHack seeks to support the growth of the burgeoning mycoculture of young mushroom farmers and Radical Mycologists through the collaborative design of mushroom growing tools that reduce the challenges often encountered by novice and experienced growers.

Most mushroom growers hand make their specialty tools out of necessity, often reinventing what others have perfected. At the same time, the use of appropriate technologies (e.g. solar, geothermal, rocket mass heat, and wind power sources) are often overlooked in the design of mushroom growing systems. MycoHack seeks to address both these issues by combining some of the best practices available to small scale mushroom growers in the West through a series of brainstorm and design sessions – all in an effort to design better tools, and ultimately more resilient fungi farms.

All are welcome to attend and learn, though more experienced cultivators and appropriate technology researchers are encouraged to share their innovations and actively engage in this focused brainstorm session. This is likely a first step in a longer journey, so join us and see what we can come up with together!

If you are interested in presenting a tool design or process innovation, please email