Planetary Fungi:
Fixing the Celestial Wanderers

Jason Scott

In this workshop we will look at the connections between the planets and the fungi. Traditionally planets have been corresponded to plants, minerals, metals, animals and so on - almost completely omitting fungi. Through looking at the planetary archetypes and corresponding them to our understanding of various fungi we can gain deeper insights into both. This also allows us to process superior medicine based on astrological elections to capture the celestial energies. We will explore all these things, from the foundation, so that it is accessible for people of all experience and skill level.

About the Teacher
Jason Scott is a Mycologist, Ethnobotanist and Spagyricist who has studied traditional Hermetic Alchemy, from history and philosophy to practice, for the past 5 years. He has a background in Ethnobotany and Plant Medicine that started on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has carried back with him into his home: the Pacific North West. Born and raised in Oregon, Jason has an intrinsic interest in the Fungal Queendom and all of its aspects: from cultivation and mycoremediation, to historical and cultural relationships. Most specifically their medicinal application. Jason has studied various different healing modalities including Ayurveda in Nepal and Western Herbalism all over Oregon and Washington. He is on an ever-deepening journey of education to understand the practical applications of his interests, and the golden threads that connect them.