Plant & Fungal Ancestors for the Resistance

Blanca Diaz

In times where concern and stress can take over our day to day we call upon our plant and fungal ancestors to remind us of our resilience. As the environmental climate changes so does our political climate and in turn our earth and ecosystems are fighting to survive and doing so with grace and power while still providing us with air, food and medicine. How can we build relationships with these wise ancestors to strengthen our resilience? To nourish our bodies and to tend to our nervous system? We will discuss the different ways we can incorporate daily rituals and medicines to empower ourselves and in turn tend to our bodies and spirits in times of resistance.

About the Teacher
Blanca is the visionary of Mama Maiz and co-organizer of autonomous community space Flora y Tierra in Long Beach, CA.  They serve their community as an herbalist, birth and loss assistant, community organizer and activist. Blanca has been working on better understanding historical trauma and traditional ways to tend to the body and spirit. For over 9 years they have been working with traditional teachers to tend to themselves and in return tend to their community. Through this work Blanca has found much healing from the assistance of plants, fungi and the sacred elements, today they incorporate this medicine into their knowledge shares and gatherings. Their work and space prioritizes QTBIPOC and is committed to empowering their community through earth based knowledge and connecting to resilience. this work is inspired by the unseen, plants ,mycelium and the winged.