Mush Love:
A Mycophilic Art Show

The depiction of our fungal allies is a celebration found across cultures. In nearly all forms of art, fungi have been used to exemplify a variety of customs, motifs, and spiritual and healing practices throughout the ages. This year at the RMC, we invite you to share your relationship with fungi through visual, audio, or multimedia installations, and to help others see what working with fungi means to you.

Selected artists for this year’s show are:

Adam One
Amy Ross
Christina McLachlan
David Fenster
Devin Ball
Dominique Pere
Fiona MacDonald
Gloria Galves
Jane Harbour
Jane Lawson
Jasmine Kocie
Kaitlin Bryson
Katie Lindsay
Laura Kennedy
Leo Shallat
Lucia Monge
Madelyn Pederson
Mazatl and Kill Joy
McKenzie McCoy
Peter McCoy
Melissa Haims
Nick Beery
Nigel Sutcliffe
Pippa Haynes
Poke Effle
Ryan Vaughn
Sage Morgan
Sarah Hazelton
Sophia Panayotou
Stephanie Kilgast
Tiffany Bray

Please send any questions to

Thank you!