2018 RMC Mycoflora

This year we are honored and excited to take part in the North American Mycoflora Project (NAMP) by holding an on-site citizen science research project to describe, document, and preserve the variety of  mushrooms found during the Radical Mycology Convergence.

NAMP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to identify and map the distribution of macrofungi throughout North America. Whether as part of a one-off event (like the RMC) or an ongoing research project, participants of NAMP a) photograph and collect mushrooms, b) document their finds on the websites Mushroom Observer or iNatualist, c) take DNA samples for sequencing, d) dehydrate the mushrooms and send them to an herbarium for preservation, and e) later pair the sequence and herbarium record on the website MycoMap.

Over time, the combined records of NAMP participants will help professional and amateur mycologists better understand how macrofungi are distributed throughout the continent, how many varieties there are of a given species, and which species are threatened or endangered. This incredible effort is greatly needed as many mushroom species are poorly understood in these respects, and we are excited to help contribute to the cause by hosting NAMP all weekend at the RMC.

Representatives of NAMP will be tabling in the RMC market place and attendees will be welcome to learn about their work, and to actively help with photographing, documenting, and preparing collections. of