Spores & Strains:
An RMC Culture Barter Faire

As with each prior RMC, this year we will be holding space for fungi cultivators to trade (not sell) spores prints, spore syringes, and agar- or liquid-based mycelial cultures with fellow participants. This will take place during dinner on Saturday night.

To join, simply bring multiple slants, plates, syringes, or prints of your favorite species and strains. Spores & Strains will be a non-facilitated, non-commodified, free-for-all, with participants free to set their own terms of exchange.

There will also be set hours for using an on-site flowhood for cloning wild specimens or expanding cultures.

Mycelial Cultures and spores (yes, even spores) of controlled species are not allowed at the RMC or spores & Strains.