The Anthropocene and Homo sapeins
as an Ore Depositing Agent:
A Mycocene Conversation

Sammy Castonguay

The Anthropocene is the proposed current division of geologic time in which our species has become such a dominate geological force that it will pervade the rock record of this time, though this academic consideration has been underway for a decade. Combining the wisdom of the late comedian George Carlin and philosopher Terence McKenna, this presentation is a creative, post-apocalyptic satyr starring a geologist A. muscaria that is on the verge of a great discovery regarding the mechanism by which all of their societies energy resources were deposited. The theatrical presentation is meant to be somewhat academic, but light, fun, and meant to have a direct connection to our radical work with fungi with the implication that humans usher in the Mycocene.  

About the Teacher
My background is in the geosciences and I have been a mycophile for my entire geo-career, from wildcrafting and growing indoor patches to outdoor patch propagation and cultural lore; I deeply appreciate everything we create when collaborating with this kingdom. Before launching my freelance career in free education, writing, and a neo-geomancer, I had been working in a traditional college classroom setting teaching geology, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology, energy, and field ecology while engaging in research pertaining to tectonics, sedimentation, and faulting.