We love putting on the Radical Mycology Convergence. By providing space for the inspiring arts and sciences of mycology to intersect with a range of cultural and environmental topics, each RMC brings new layers to the evolving dialogues underlying the Radical Mycology movement. It's truly an event like no other, and is something we are thrilled to be hosting again this year.

Much of our approach is founded in a design process that is DIY-inspired and an intent that is grassroots-promoting. The RMC's site is rural and some workshops take place outdoors (weather permitting), while most are held indoors in a variety of barn-type settings. Though not a traditional event in some senses, we strive to make the entire RMC a safe, comfortable, and inspiring space for learning new information, having new experiences, and making new friends.

Likewise, the unifying and far-reaching topics covered at the RMC draws together people of all backgrounds, political stances, and lifestyles. We encourage all participants to come to the RMC with an open mind and an excitement to learn from this variety of perspectives and to discover new ways of working with and appreciating fungi.

Drug/Alcohol Policy
The Radical Mycology Convergence is a drug-free event. Alcohol will be allowed but we ask that people drink responsibly and to keep the drinking family friendly and appropriate. Legal amounts of Cannabis are allowed, if needed, but smoking away from groups and down wind is required. Anyone deemed by the organizers to be overly intoxicated and/or at risk of impacting the success of the RMC due to substance use may be asked to leave.

Anti-Oppression Policy
To create a safe and productive environment for learning and building community, we have established a zero tolerance policy toward oppressive behavior: behavior that demeans, marginalizes, threatens or rejects people because of some personal characteristic that harms no one and cannot be readily or justifiably changed. Such traits include age, gender, ethnicity, religion, mental health status, race, culture, sexual orientation, general appearance, income level, living situation, experience in social or mycological work, or being a parent or a child.

A conflict mediation team will be available to support the emotional well-being of RMC participants, and to assist with resolving conflicts if they arise. The conflict mediation team and the RMC organizers reserve the right to ask anyone who is exhibiting behaviors that compromise the success and safety of the Radical Mycology Convergence to leave.