Ideas, people, and fungi found on the fringe will always be seen as outsiders, radicals, or avant garde by some. While we embrace the uniqueness of the RMC and our approach to discussing and working with fungi, we do so primarily to uplift this so-often overlooked branch on the Tree of Life and to show just how multi-faceted and inspiring these species are.

Underlying our approach is an emphasis on enhancing quality of life for all the world's inhabitants, just as the fungi do so well. Likewise, our ethos is largely influenced by ideas found in radical or deep ecology, in which all beings are seen as having an inherent value and interdependence. We value the fungi not just for what we as humans can get from them, but perhaps more profoundly by what we can learn from them, so as shift assumptions about the importance of the so-often misunderstood Fungal Queendom. To some, this alone is a radical notion.

Much of the RMC focuses on directly reducing ecological disturbance and human mismanagement of the world's finite resources by emphasizing community building, sustainable lifestyle practices, and personal empowerment via the skills and the insights that mycology uniquely offers. This is a distinct and radical shift from the more traditional approach of working with macro fungi – which has long-focused on the identification, toxicology, and consumption of foraged species – toward an emphasis on applying the science and art of mycology to improve the health of our lives and landscapes.

We see all of this as a natural evolution of the foundations laid by the mycologists of the last two centuries: a step from theory into practice and from domination toward allyship with the Fungal Queendom. We are the extreme, or radical, or leading edge of the rapidly expanding mycoculture of history, which is now rapidly myceliating the world. Join us!