At the heart of the RMC is an intention to build a mycelial network of like-minded fungi advocates 


Mulino, Oregon
October 12–14, 2018

(Pre–RMC event October 5-7)

The RMC is a multi-day biennial gathering of fungi-lovers and educators sharing their knowledge of – and passion for – working with fungi. Through mushroom hunts, art shows, outdoor fungal installations, and a variety of hands-on workshops, the RMC cultivates a rare space for fungi lovers to come together and share in their personal and collective experiences with fungi across all aspects of life.

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We are seeking workshop teachers, lecturers, and discussion leaders with experience in mycology. Apply to share your skillset with attendees at the 2018 RMC! 

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The RMC Organizers are searching for volunteer team leaders and general volunteers to help make the 5th RMC our most ambitious and inspiring. Sign up to join the team!.

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